Remington Markham

Spotify Car App

Explainer Video series


My Role:

Lead Animator

Turn Around Time:

2 weeks


A Quick Turn Around

This is one of those projects you’re excited to work on, because there is a lot of room for creativity. Then you find out that deadline is two weeks and you’re going to have to be especially creative if you want to produce good work on time. The project was contracted through a great Detroit based agency, 24g. The turn around was a bit too fast for their producer to handle alone, so they needed a lead animator to help meet deadline.

Spotify was an excellent client to work for. They gave us clear and concise storyboards and communicated their needs wonderfully.

Listen to the Music

Spotify needed three explainer videos to help pitch their car app to various leading car manufacturing companies. They wanted to communicate it would be effective internationally, allow the user to customize their experience, and allow the manufacturing companies to integrate their own messages.

Comparison of storyboards and the final product.

Comparison of storyboards and the final product.

The project was a joy to work on, it’s Spotify, so it’s all about the music. They gave us style board references but were very open to whatever we wanted to do to add our own flair. The messaging was straight forward. The challenge was delivering 3 entertaining animations on a tight deadline.

Racing to the Finish Line

We kept the design flat and simple, so that we could achieve more complex animations with less time. 3D was used for the cars and mixed in with 2D elements so that we could get a variety of angles without adding too many man hours. To keep things visually interesting we used textures and distortion effects to add a little extra life to the flat colors. We opted to add noise, textures, and even music notes to the backgrounds of most of the scenes to signify theme of music associated with Spotify’s brand.

It was pleasant working with such a wonderful client. Their feedback often brought clarity and helped to boost the overall quality of the piece.